Well, there is alot of discussions on Internet about Free Web Hosting.
Is it worth anything or not. I am not the smartest guy around, so now I decided to write about it and say something new, I am only using the privilege to express my own opinion.
If there is anything, not just Web Hosting offers, that comes in a huge number, it is absolutely logical, that there's gonna be a lot of good and bad examples. Things are never all bad or all good. That principle applies to Free web hosting as well. It is true that what is free is usually lower quality than the paid version, but as I said above, it is not all bad. The main point is not about quality, it is about what do you need! If you're gonna have a huge content site (e-commerce or social network...), even a lot of paid Hosting plans won't suit you. If you are running small business portfolio site or personal site, almost any kind of Web hosting plan will suit you. Also, if you are still learning, testing...you don't need to pay.Of course we must be straight and say that a lot of Free Web Hosting Companies are placing Their own ads on your websites against your will, or force you to make posts on their forums etc. But then it is not real free, you just don't pay with money. So it has some sord of price. If there is any kind of price, there must something good in return. There is a little bit of paid hosting Companies Marketing strategy in all this chase against Free Hosting, and it is understood. But there is a few that stands for years and years so far, could they do that if they are not good?!

http://000webhost.com, http://netscripter.org, http://freehosting.com...
There is more of them, but I don't want to waste your time with this anymore...Conclusion:
On the Internet you must try things first and then decide what is the best for you.It automatically means, there must be free versions, otherwise, People would buy much less if they are not allowed to try it first! Big Paid companies, leave those who are providing something else then you, alone, they are not your competition, we must have some alternatives in this world. And after all, we all will drive mercedes the moment we can afford it, but meanwhile, we must drive something.

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